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PreSonus Studio One 4 Professional v4.5.3 Incl Patched and Keygen-R2R screenshot
Team R2R | 04 Sep 2019 | 105.1MB
There’s a very good reason why so many musicians have switched to Studio One from older, more rigid programs. Built on a modern foundation that’s not bogged down by legacy code, Studio One provides an efficient, creative companion from initial inspiration to final master. Its efficient, single-screen interface houses an unlimited number of tracks, intuitive editing tools, advanced virtual instruments, mastering, and video player—you spend your time creating music, not wondering what to click next. The 64-bit double-precision mix engine is state of the art, while the smooth, analog quality of the virtual instruments comes from proprietary techniques that provide much higher controller resolution. That’s why Studio One just plain sounds better.

The reason why Studio One resonates with musicians is simple: PreSonus listens. Many new features in Version 4 are the direct result of user feedback, including AAF import/export so users can bring song data from their old DAW into Studio One. Add the most flexible arranging tools of any music program, full integration with Notion for superior notation, over 20 GB of carefully curated content, analog console emulation, advanced step sequencing, unified hardware control with the FaderPort series of hands-on controllers, and much more—it’s no wonder that Studio One continues to gain new followers every day.

Intuitive single-window work environment with quick and easy drag-and-drop functionality and multi-touch support
Unlimited audio and instrument tracks, advanced automation features, virtual instruments, buses, and FX channels
Pristine sound quality with native 64-bit resolution and support for up to 384 kHz audio
Chord Track manipulates audio and note data of any or all tracks for Harmonic Editing and song prototyping
Incredible new virtual instruments: Impact XT and SampleOne XT for powerful beat or loop-based composition, live sampling, and robust sample editing
Patterns allow for intuitive drum and melody composition via familiar drum machine/sequencer style UI
AAF import for easy song/session exchange with other applications for collaboration (Pro Tools,. Logic, Nuendo, Final Cut Pro, Premiere, and more)
Studio One 4 operates on 64-bit operating systems only.

Version 4.5.3 Release Notes (September 3, 2019):

MacOS Mojave (10.14) and Catalina (10.15) users: Please make sure that the plug-ins you’re using match Apple’s compatibility requirements before updating to Studio One 4.5.3. Incorrectly signed
plug-ins will either be blacklisted by Studio One, or rejected by the operating system with this release.

New features and improvements:
● Support for Native Instruments’ Komplete Kontrol MkII series keyboards
● [macOS] Support for Apple Notarization service
● "Remove Plug-in Settings" function for Plug-in Manager
● Volume automation curve now compensates logarithmic fader curve
● "Select Notes" command is now applicable to muted notes
● Channel polarity switch is now excluded from grouping
● Added commands for "vertical zoom in/out fine"
● Dragging multiple Patterns to the browser is now supported
● Improved sidechain handling for VST2 Plug-ins
● Improved Chinese localization

The following issues have been fixed:
● [Mixer] Sends are hidden under certain conditions
● [Mixer] Side-chaining with Mix FX included will mute under certain conditions
● [Mixer] Lag on VCA fader adjustment
● [Scratch Pad] Wrong instrument part length when using step record
● [Scratch Pad] Lost focus when using “locate cursor” function
● [Scratch Pad] Loop range lost when dragged across arrangement border
● [Pattern Editor] Variation name cannot be edited from pattern editor toolbar
● [Audio Batch Converter] Crash on repairing sample rate with certain mp3 files
● Multi Instrument transform restore omits channel inserts
● Qwerty Keyboard device has wrong mapping in Swiss and Canadian French layout
● No input metering during record w/ tape style and disabled monitoring
● Crash on invoking "Insert Rest" command when not in Step Record mode
● When "snap" is disabled, "play selected range" won't stop when playing small audio
● Using Shift+S as keyboard shortcut for "Solo" triggers "Solo Safe" instead
● Random freezes on previewing MIDI files from the browser
● Softube Console 1 AU not properly unloaded on removal
● Altered metronome accent volume resets to default on relaunch
● Decimals missing in Export dialogs
● Instrument preset list and browser out of sync
● Chord track offset when chord doesn't start at event start
● Certain MP3 files won't import
● First notes missing on bounce in certain cases
● Short notes being dropped with large block sizes

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  Member 21.05.2018 5 28
that was fast thnx R2R & DECiBELLE
Music is Energy...Music is Life
  Resident 30.03.2018 65 600
I've been wanting to say this a a little while...
Who keeps deleting the older versions of Studio One 4? Only this and 4.5.1 are still up.

There is a lot of valuable information and content bestowed in the comment section of posts. When you delete the post you delete all of that.

Also, the more obvious reason of compatibility. Some people just might want to try an earlier version. Maybe the latest isn't working for them. AudioZ is the place where you can be sure that you're getting a safe product.
Now users (especially inexperienced) run the risk of getting a bad product from another site if they have to seek it from elsewhere.
  Resident 20.12.2018 13 460
100% in agreement with what you said.
The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem.
  Resident 26.07.2016 170
Agree completely. As a noob I was able to install many programs following your generous (and tireless) advice in the comments section. It was and still is pure gold! Sad to see all that help is gone!
If there's one thing you can say about mankind,
there's nothing kind about man.
  Resident 30.12.2017 452
Man you are right! What is going on? There were also posts of version 3 with all soundsets, all gone. Doesn't look like DMCA either.
  Resident 20.12.2018 13 460
Of course, it has nothing to do with DMCA. If it was DMCA this will be the first one to disappear. A lot of valuable information just gone.
The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem.
  Resident 30.12.2017 452
Yeah, but what is the issue then? I checked, Ableton Live for example still has its version history here. Someone must have manually removed those and it's just so strange because it looks like Studio One is the only affected DAW.

PS Your PM inbox is full, it's not possible to send you more messages.
  Resident 28.01.2016 3 401
Absolutely agree.
There is plenty of useful info in the comments of these posts. Sometimes even fixes and additions for problems that aren't fixed in new versions, so effectively these fixes are deleted too.
⠞⠓⠑ ⠞⠗⠥⠑ ⠃⠇⠊⠝⠙⠝⠑⠎⠎ ⠊⠎ ⠝⠕⠞ ⠃⠑⠊⠝⠛ ⠁⠃⠇⠑ ⠞⠕ ⠎⠑⠑ ⠃⠑⠽⠕⠝⠙ ⠺⠓⠁⠞ ⠽⠕⠥⠗ ⠑⠽⠑⠎ ⠁⠗⠑ ⠺⠁⠞⠉⠓⠊⠝⠛
  Resident 25.12.2017 2 695
I have to chime in and fully agree with you, Majestic. I can understand maybe getting rid of...was it S1 v4.2? The one that had a ton of bugs and was fixed fairly quickly by PreSonus, but even then, there is always useful info in the comments.
"Rap is a gimmick, but I'm for the Hip Hop, The Culture." - Method Man -
  Resident 28.01.2016 3 401
quote by MajesticNow users (especially inexperienced) run the risk of getting a bad product from another site if they have to seek it from elsewhere.

Especially when R2R was the group getting all pissed about other websites hosting their releases. If Audioz deletes older posts, they are forcing people who are looking for other versions to look outside of Audioz, and god knows what website will show up. Not everyone knows reliable places.
⠞⠓⠑ ⠞⠗⠥⠑ ⠃⠇⠊⠝⠙⠝⠑⠎⠎ ⠊⠎ ⠝⠕⠞ ⠃⠑⠊⠝⠛ ⠁⠃⠇⠑ ⠞⠕ ⠎⠑⠑ ⠃⠑⠽⠕⠝⠙ ⠺⠓⠁⠞ ⠽⠕⠥⠗ ⠑⠽⠑⠎ ⠁⠗⠑ ⠺⠁⠞⠉⠓⠊⠝⠛
  Resident 7.03.2013 13 554
if you need an older release check here... safest way... got plenty of them...
unDERSTANDAble haᵥₑ ₐ nᵢcₑdaY
  Moderator 21.01.2012 1107 10469
Who keeps deleting the older versions of Studio One 4? Only this and 4.5.1 are still up.

You should ask to PiRAT, post moderator, only him and Saint can take the decision to delete a post.
  Member 28.04.2018 33
Thank you very very much
Zonne grote vuurbal jonguh... BAM!!!
  Member 17.12.2018 42
Hey jongu, mooie foto kut!
In R2R we trust! Posting on Zippyshare means you actually understand the term Sharing Community!
  Resident 26.09.2012 3 1236
thanks. gonna test it on w7 & 8.1 now

worx great
  Member 9.11.2016 24 189
nice family ty
  Resident 26.03.2014 394
R2R and DECiBELLE on a roll today. Thanks to everyone involved
  Releaser 12.07.2014 23 1542
Thanks for the update
This is the xt eddit 4.5.3 and fixed Manual from 4.5.1
if anyone needs them.
Ask not what others can do for you, but what you can do for others :)
  Member 28.04.2018 33
Thank you. much appreciated
Zonne grote vuurbal jonguh... BAM!!!
  Resident 15.06.2012 40 1130
The fabulous R2R is back. Thank you for amazing job. You're the best. Sincerely.
  Resident 26.11.2017 348
they have never been away,
love is life, music is the power
  Resident 15.06.2012 40 1130
Yes but less active than before while some time. Anyway they are already here and that's the most important thing.
  Moderator 21.01.2012 1107 10469
Summer vacations.
  Resident 18.12.2012 704
Thanks R2R & Decibelle
  Resident 17.04.2012 293
*big news*:
the plugin scanning error has fixed, the issue was from v4.?.2/v4.2.?(forget that) in about 1 year.
id post many times post related with that at somewhere(include audioz, and so many other user), its the time to back to studio one, but for me fl is still one of the best daw for sketching in composition, if you are a user leave because of that, its the chance to back.
  Member 26.12.2015 35
Thanks R2R
  Member 9.08.2017 2
Thank you for this.
I have a question for anyone that can help me out. I'm new to Studio One 4, if I install this version do I need the soundsets for it as well? And is there a past post with them? Or do I just use the ones from version 3? Sorry if this is a "noob question".
  Resident 30.12.2017 452
You don't need the soundsets to use the DAW itself. I don't know about backwards compatibility, but I remember seeing a comment from someone who claimed that you could use the v3 soundsets in v4. There was a post here which contained all soundsets of v3, but it was deleted for some mysterious reason (see Majestic's comment above).
  Member 9.08.2017 2
Ok cool, thought I needed them to use the DAW but good to know that I don't. thanks a lot for the help.
  Resident 26.11.2017 348
the soundsets are crap, dont bother
love is life, music is the power

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